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Why Point of View?

I don't think it's fully hit me that Point of View is actually finished. For about a year now, I've been looking for those "last few bits of inspiration," recording major chunks of one instrument at a time, mistakes and all, and then going back and spending countless hours sitting with horrible posture playing a clip of music over and over making adjustments until it's just right--or at least as good as I can get it. Now that it's done, I'm in a little bit of a daze wondering what I'm gonna do with my time. Oh yeah, catch up on everything that got put aside while I was working on this :) 

Even though there were some moments of "what in the world have I gotten myself into" all the lessons I've learned in the process and all of the encouragement from my family and friends, even just in the last 24 hours, has made it all worth it. After all, it's not about me... it's about Who these songs are about, and that should be worth any “sacrifice.” And it wasn’t even much of a sacrifice... working on this was an absolute blast.  Every moment spent working on this project, even the hard ones, gave me a sense of purpose and drive to actually finish something of meaning.. and that is a joyous and blessed thing to experience. And I have to say, the happy times way out weighted the harder times.

So many incredible things happened during the making of "Point of View" that I can undoubtedly say the Lord's hand was on this whole project. He was holding it together when I couldn’t. He deserves ALL the glory. Left to my own, well, there would be nothing to listen to right now. I want to share some of those stories with you, which is what this here blog is for... I also want to tell you about what the Lord was doing in my life and teaching me while these songs were still in the process of being written. And if nothing else, I want to be able to look back and experience it all over again. 

Guess I’ll start this “blog series” off with the title... Point of View.  

As I was contemplating this motley batch of songs (10 at the time) written over a span of about five years, I was trying to find a common thread that tied them all together. Obviously a lot of water goes under the bridge in that amount of time. A lot of lessons are learned. A lot of feelings are felt. And that’s when it hit me--almost every song highlights a point in a Christian’s life--stages of searching, stages of overflowing gratitude, stages of suffering, stages of love-- and in all of it: worship. As Ecclesiastes 3 says, there is a time for everything. These songs highlight a certain time/feeling, state the earthly, sin-ridden struggle, then present a different perspective (point of view) on the situation--one that’s viewed in light of the cross. 

I needed one more song to “put the bow on it.” While I’ll write about the story behind it later, that’s when the actual song Point of View came along... almost out of nowhere. Also another story, Ready was added to the mix, and then there were 12.  

I hope that by God’s grace, these songs will relate to you and will offer a Gospel-centered point of view. It’s something I have to remind myself of daily. 


Grace's voice and musical interpretations have been some of the freshest and most authentic I have heard in Christian music for some years. I am absolutely blessed and swept up by God's Presence when Grace sings. She is one of God's gifts to His church. I am so very excited for this new release!
A definition of the word grace--- a divinely given talent. Grace Coleman---the embodiment of such a special talent. We look forward to receiving the CD and wish you God speed as you you share your talent with the world.
This is Amazing, Grace! These 4 samples are a blessing, and I can't wait until I have a CD to listen to as we drive around the NC mountains! Now it's time to start on your next CD! Thanks for allowing God to minister to others through you!
Love your voice, love the music and love your point of view! Inspiring!
Dear Grace, Loved the preview songs and look forward to hearing the rest of the album. Having heard your original version of "Sweet Nothings", the added instrumentation is awesome. I know how hard you have worked over the years writing and playing your songs. Many of those have offered encouragement and hope for those facing difficult life situations. I thank God for blessing you with such a beautiful gift and expression of His love.
grace...sounds have a beautiful gift...thanks for putting it to the best use...for His glory!! we'd love to have you with us at gracepoint church sometime....i'll pass your info along to our worship leader, maybe you could share in one of our worship services, bring cds, etc....maybe do a concert sometime.... we'd be honored to host you! blessings, stephen...
Dear Grace, We knew years ago when you began your first piano lesson, and all the time before that when you always had a song on your lips,that God was going to use you to bless others through music and bring Glory to your Saviour. It has become a reality and we look forward to where this is going to go in the future. You have worked so hard. We have seen it when we were in your home. The long hours you spend in meditation, and physically working in your little studio have made this blessing possible for so many. There is no telling how far reaching this will be. We are so proud of you and your strong commitment to Jesus and bringing glory to Him. With Great love, PaPa and DeDe
The music was a lovely and encouraging way to start my morning! I enjoyed checking out the samples and can't wait to get the CD. Blessings on your new venture, as you use your gifts for the Kingdom of Heaven!
It appears that God is gifting His church lately with high quality, serious musicians. You are certainly one of them. I am inspired by your clear sense of calling and your desire to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ through music. Remember that He made you who you are--with your mix of talents, gifts, passion, and experiences. Remember also that you never "arrive"--not until He returns. Always be ready to grow, to learn--more about Him, more about music, more about life lived under His gracious hand. You will discover, decades down the road, that He never wastes anything in a life totally given to Him.
Dear Grace: To say we are proud of you is an understatement. We are blessed with a wonderful granddaughter and we are thrilled that you have finished this totally your own personally created musical testimony honoring our Lord. We pray our Lord's continued blessing on this CD as listeners hearts and minds share it's message and they enjoy your inspired music. Much Love, Grandpa and Grandma
Grace, It's really moving to me to see how God has been growing you and developing you into the person you are today. I love how you are allowing him to express himself through you. One day you will look back and see that this too was another step in his preparation of you for something bigger. His purpose just keeps unfolding for your entire life. Your music is great, and this website is really special too. Philippians 3:7-14
I can't wait to hear the whole album! But just from what I've heard, God has truly blessed you in such an amazing way. He gave you these gifts and you fully used them for his glory. You've experienced so much in that 5 years and like you said, perspectives changed along the way. Now you are at the end of that road and now you can look back on the road you came from knowing what you've been through and can now see it all from the finished point of view. And now as you start this journey after that road you can look upon your new journey and know no matter what comes our way, God will guide you and you'll once again see things in a new perspective. Keep swimming Grace and keep your eyes clear and focused on The Lord. Let him fill your heart with his love and passion. And with clear eyes and a full heart, you can go onward with God right by your side. And with you, you can't lose.

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