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A handful of people have asked me who "Privilege" is about, so….

I was waiting in the courtyard of our house in eager anticipation for a ride to art class. Mom had told me that another home school family that lived nearby would be picking us up.. so much mystery and anticipation for a 7-year old, only child!

I was also wearing really cool cowboy boots. But I digress...

I got in the car with my mom and sat next to a tiny girl with blonde hair holding a stuffed cat. "So…. your name's Leah?" I asked. She confirmed. I told her that was a really pretty name… because that's what grown-ups say, and since she was only 4, I was practically a grown-up. And because it really is a nice name.

Little did I know, that the friendship started that day would help shape me into the person I am today. Take away my companionship with Leah, and my history is lopsided and incomplete, to say the least.

My eyes are already getting misty...

A year and a half ago, Leah moved to New York to go to college. I realize that's just how life goes sometimes, but I just didn't know how to deal with it. Eight semesters might as well have been eight eternities. I've had to say a few tough good-byes in my young life, but this was one of the hardest. I wanted to give her something as a going away gift and I needed some sort of consolation, so a song seemed fitting.

Some songs take a frustrating amount of time to gather content. But this time, everything was at my fingertips. The melody, the memories, the conflict between selfishly wanting her to stay, but also wanting what's best for her… it was all right there. And while it was one of the easiest songs to write, it was one of the most difficult songs to get through. I cried my way through writing, I cried my way through the production, and I cried my way through a performance of it.

I realize it can be a selfish and naive desire to wish someone would never leave, but it taught me a valuable lesson: friendship is a gift, not a given.

Aaand it's not like the friendship ended when I hugged her, got in the car and drove home. Our friendship is currently being tested by time and space, but by God's grace, I'd say we're passing rather well. We've had to make adjustments: we've made new (wonderful) friends since then and we obviously don't see each other or communicate as much as we used to, but we both share a young lifetime of memories that can't be replaced, and now time spent together is even more precious.

I'm so thankful for that.

Just the other day, I was in a panic at 2:00 A.M (first verse still proving true)… I knew she'd be up. She was.

She was still there for me. She still made me smile.

A couple weeks ago, as I was preparing to board a plane, coming home from an absolutely perfect visit with Leah in New York, the warm-fuzzy words of A.A. Milne came to mind: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

My friendship with Leah is one of God's greatest gifts to me… something I don't take lightly or for granted. I let the world in on "Privilege" because I know other people feel the way I do about a certain friend of theirs, and I wanted to provide a way to continue savoring that friendship--To recognize it as a tremendous gift, to revel in all that has made it what it is, and to keep on investing and nurturing it, even if it has to be… at a distance.


I love this one! And I do think many people could use it for their "friendship song" with someone special in their life. Good job Grace in putting your personal life to music in such a way that people say, "yeah, me too!"

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