Grace Coleman

Grace Coleman

BEGINNINGS - My story is truly a story of grace--God's grace.  In His wisdom and love, He saw fit to let me be born into a strong Christian home. My dad started New Life Baptist Church 20 years ago, where he continues to serve as the senior pastor, and my mom stayed home to care for and teach me, and now does the same with my sister. 

Age 5 was a pivotal year for me--the year I gave my life to Jesus and the year I started piano lessons, listed in order of importance. 

MOTIVATION - As time went on, the concept of grace became more and more real to me. It went from being merely my name (in my mind) to the vital foundation that my life hinged upon. I came (and am still coming) to see that any blessing, any accomplishment, and really just life itself is purely a grace-gift from God to be used for His glory. 

At age 15, I began to see an invigorating connection of expressing my love for Jesus through my love for music--namely songwriting. A melody would begin playing in my head and I’d rush over to the piano to try to get it into my fingers. After that came the (sometimes agonizing) process of trying to find a subject for the lyrics. Those situations were (and still are) many times quickly resolved by looking to Scripture to fill in the lyrical gap. 

DIRECTION - After studying music composition for a semester at Palm Beach Atlantic University and attending the Lamplighter Guild in New Paltz, NY (both unforgettable glimpses of God’s providence and provision) I knew what I wanted to do with my life--write music. More specifically, convey emotion through melodies and share different things that the Lord has revealed to me through His Word over the years through song. Today, though the setting has changed, the goal hasn’t. 

I’m still learning and have so far to go. God, in His grace is constantly teaching me, correcting me, and lovingly showing me that I am helpless on my own... it’s becoming a rather freeing realization. I hope that you find these songs encouraging, and more than anything I hope and pray that they bring glory to God. He, after all, is the One who gives the songs.

RANDOM STUFFIf I’m not working on music, I’m probably chatting with a friend over a caramel iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts or scouting out a deal at the local Goodwill. On Sundays, I sing and play keys on the worship team at New Life Baptist Church and enjoy working with the youth group. I love taking short trips to Key Largo to go snorkeling or water skiing (and occasionally fishing) and I left my heart in Tanzania, Africa.